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Many Window Cleaning Companies who perform high level cleaning use heavy access equipment even where sensitive ground areas such as lawns, gravel paths and flowerbed could be damaged in the process.

Aztec Group have always looked to use safe and environmentally friendly ways to access high-level work and only where this is not acceptable for safety reasons do we resort to cradle, ladders, abseil and Access Platforms. Something which both new and long standing clients have always appreciated.

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The use of the Tucker Pole System is also an incredibly environmentally friendly system using 100% pure de-ionised water that effectively absorbs dirt to clean window, frames, cladding, signs, CCTV and numerous other finishes without the need for cleaning chemicals or harmful detergents. Because of this, there is no detergent residue, windows and other finishes do not get dirty so quickly and windows stay cleaner for longer.

Specialists in the Trucker Pole System

Aztec Group are a specialist cleaning company utilising the Tucker Pole System. Tucker introduced the Tucker Pole over fifty years ago, when it took the principles of its car-home washer and made its first Tucker High-Level Window Washer. Aztec Group use this system to facilitate safe and economical high level cleaning of glass and building exterior cleaning.


Pure water (guaranteed)
Salt tablets
Rubber blades
Water containers

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Aztec Group use the Tucker Pole System

British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc)